Precise. Flexible. Fast.

Whether you are looking at Industry 4.0, precision manufacturing or high-end production – perfected manufacturing processes require precise, fast measuring systems. Ideally that work at production speeds.

fionec’s fiber-optic measuring systems deliver high-precision measurement results in the low nanometer range. The unique miniaturized probes with diameters starting from as small as 50 µm can even scan micro-drilled holes, tight cavities and gaps and the steep sides of precision-manufactured objects. The optical inspection method produces reliable measurement results without physical contact. With test cycles up to ten times shorter than with comparable tactile inspection techniques.

In order to achieve a fully automated quality assurance process, the flexible industrial metrology can be integrated into machine tools or measuring devices. It is also possible to make inline measurements during the production process, if required. 100-percent inspection capability allows for comprehensive product and process control.

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