Optical Measuring Devices

RMP – Roughness Measuring Device: standard-compliant roughness measurement

The fionec RMP surface roughness measuring station is based on a high-precision fiber-optic measuring device for a standards-compliant evaluation of roughness parameters. Whether installed as a stand-alone device or integrated into existing manufacturing processes, the RMP is perfectly adapted to quickly and contactlessly inspecting rotationally symmetrical precision components.

Its unique miniaturized probes with diameters starting from 50 µm can reach even the smallest cavities and micro-drilled holes (down to diameters of 0.1 mm). Automatic signal optimization means the sensor is able to achieve consistent measurement values for heterogeneous, technical surfaces, too.

Product brochure roughness measuring station RMP
Product brochure roughness measuring station RMP backside

Your benefits

  • Surface roughness measurements according to DIN EN ISO
  • Measuring probes for measurements in micro-drilled holes with diameters starting from 0.1 mm
  • Up to ten times faster than comparable tactile measuring devices
  • Resolution of ≥ 3 nm
  • Non-contact and non-destructive measurements
  • Almost material and surface-independent
  • High measurement quality with heterogeneous surfaces
  • Comparable with results from tactile measurements
  • Fully automatable 100-percent testing capability
  • Comprehensive quick-start features


Surface roughness measurements in the precision and ultra-precision manu­facturing sector

Determination of all important roughness parameters, including mean roughness (Ra), mean roughness depth (Rz), maximum roughness depth (Rmax), core roughness depth (Rk).

  • Inspection of technological surfaces and micro-structures following all common production processes

    (turning, milling, honing, polishing, grinding etc.)

  • Measuring flat surfaces and rotationally symmetrical components

    (bearing seats, valves and valve seats, high-precision components for the automotive industry and its suppliers)

  • Measurements in hard-to-access spaces and cavities

Controlling quality, process operation and functionality

  • Evaluation and optimization of product properties

    (for instance of components with tribological or safety-critical functions)

  • Control of tool wear and tear
  • 100-percent testing

DIN EN ISO-compliant evaluation with RMPControl

  • RMPControl: intuitive software with numerous configuration options for setting up pre-defined or custom roughness parameters, filters and measuring procedures
  • Creation of professional measurement and inspection reports in PDF format

Surface roughness values

Surface roughness parameters according to DIN EN ISO 4287 Ra, Rk, Rt, Rq, Rz, Rp, Rsk, Rku, RSm, Rc, RPc
others Rmax, Rlq, Rda, Rla, Rpmax, Rvmax
Bearing area curve and Rk parameters according to DIN EN ISO 13565 Rk, Rpk, Rvk, Rpkx, Rvkx, A1/2, Mr1/2, R1/2
Application of standards-compliant filters according to DIN EN ISO 11562, 13565, 16610


  • included in standard version: manual three-axis positioning unit and a manual three-jaw chuck
  • optional extras: pneumatic three-jaw chuck, assembly panel for three-jaw chuck, engine-driven two-axis positioning unit (x, y), equipment table with passive or active vibration insulation system, housing