Measuring Systems

Flexible precision, compact performance

The fibre optic distance measuring systems FDM-1 and FDM-2 deliver highly accurate measurement results in the lower nanometer range.

The unique miniaturised measuring probes (measuring heads) for FDM-1 & FDM-2 with diameters from 50 µm detect even micro bores, narrow, difficult-to-access installation spaces and gaps or steep flanks on precision-manufactured objects. For high-precision, non-contact measurement of roughness and form, distance, position and location.

The FDM-3 laser interferometer is a compact and lightweight measuring system with up to three measurement heads. It is ideally suited as a control interferometer and can perform length measurements of up to one meter per measurement head, making it ideal for production environments.

The uSense environmental module enables stand-alone and web-based monitoring of various environmental parameters such as rotation, acceleration, temperature.