Corning® Optical Fibers

“Seamlessly connect to the world”

Corning® has been developing and manufacturing glass fiber products that meet exacting quality standards since 1970. Over 4.5 billion kilometers of glass fiber have been laid worldwide since then. The company has its own in-house “Center for Fiber Optic Testing” (CFT) where the attenuation, dispersion, bandwidth, performance and resilience of the glass fibers are tested in order to ensure optimal functionality and longevity of the products.

All Corning® fibers from their Optical and Specialty Fibers portfolios are available in the fiberstore24. The range includes single-mode and multi-mode optical fibers as well as polarization-maintaining and erbium-doped optical fibers.

We’d be happy to provide Compliance Statements (REACH / ROHS) on request.

Product brochure optical fibers and fiber-optic accessories

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Single-mode fibers


Single-mode fibers – also known as mono-mode fibers – are primarily used for applications that require signals to be transmitted over long distances with minimum loss. Single-mode fibers have a smaller core than multi-mode fibers so that the light is only able to propagate in one mode.

Multi-mode fibers


Multi-mode fibers are mainly used for applications that simply require signals to be transmitted over short distances. Examples include company or campus networks. In contrast with single-mode fibers, several thousand modes can be propagated in the core of a multi-mode fiber.

PM fibers


Polarization-maintaining fibers – also known as PM fibers – ensure that the light remains linearly polarized. Selectively induced stress on the fiber core causes birefringences. These, in turn, cancel out interferences between the individual modes in the fiber core so that the polarization of the light waves is maintained.

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