Products & Services

Innovative fiber optics for maximum precision

Whether you’re looking for fast, contactless industrial metrology or professionally manufactured probes and fiber-optic cables – fionec offers a wide range of fiber-optic solutions that we can adapt to your specific requirements. With diameters from 50 µm, our miniaturised measuring probes reach even the smallest, hard-to-access spaces. High measuring frequencies and variable interfaces enable fully automated inline measurements in the production cycle. For high-precision, non-contact measurement of roughness and form, distance, position and location.

Detection and monitoring of environmental and ambient parameters

The uSense environmental sensor enables stand-alone and web-based monitoring of various environmental parameters such as rotation, acceleration, temperature, pressure, vibration.

Display and processing of large data series

In addition, our portfolio includes software for a straightforward 2D-display and the easy processing of large data series. An optional roughness package is available for calculating and displaying roughness measurement values in compliance with DIN EN ISO 11562.

The whole range of fibre optics

Our engineers are your professional contacts for all aspects of your metrological challenges, from consulting to development and contract measurement to test measurement.