Fiber Test Box

Fully-customized – Robust – Protective

The Fiber Test Box offers you the optimal solution to use fiber optics for simulations, tests and demo applications in an efficient and space-saving way. The Fiber Test Box combines Corning® fiber optics with a rugged 19″ enclosure. Fiber type, length and connector type can be customized via our configurator. In only 6 RU, the 19″ enclosure offers space for up to 6 spools and a total length for up to 150 km. Whether as benchtop or rack-mounted unit, the robust enclosure provides optimum protection for your individually selected fiber. Different fibers and connectors in one enclosure are also possible.


  • Designed for fiber spools
  • 19″ enclosure (6 RU): Benchtop unit, Rack-mount unit
  • Number spools/lengths: max. up to 6 spools and a total length for up to 150 km
  • On each spool a different Corning® fibre type can be used
  • Corning® fiber types: e.g. SMF-28e+, SMF-28 Ultra & ULL, LEAF, ClearCurve ZBL & LBL
  • Connectors: customized per spool or specific length
  • Connector placement: front, back or both sides
  • Connector types: FC, LC, SC (PC or APC)

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