Laser Interferometer

Coming soon: FDM-3 with sub-nanometer resolution

The FDM-3 laser interferometer from fionec offers up to three compact and lightweight measurement heads, making it ideal for integration as control interferometers. With measuring distances of up to one meter per measurement head, most length measurements in the production environment can be optimally addressed. Thanks to a high measuring frequency of 40 kHz, integrated interfaces and customized software solutions, a complete and straightforward integration into existing systems is possible. The laser interferometer impresses with an attractive price-performance ratio, without compromising on measurement resolution.

Your benefits

  • Results with subnanometer resolution
  • Non-contact and wear-free
  • Small measurement head and compact receiver
  • Up to three measurement heads per system, e.g. for the measurement in X, Y, Z
  • Ideally suited as control and measurement interferometer
  • Easy-to-automate and fully integrable
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
Laserinterferometer FDM-3

System characteristics

FDM-3 (measurement head)

Laserinterferometer FDM-3

Control software


Laser Interferometer

Mea­sure­ment principle phase-measurement interferometry
Measurement range up to 1 m
Working distance any (between 0-1 m)
Measuring frequency 40 kHz (fixed)
Resolution (typ. Std.Dev.) < 1 nm*
Multi-point measurement parallel operation of up to 3 measurement heads
Pro­gram­ming inter­faces API, DLL
Included components measurement head, user interface software (basic), receiver, power supply

*Std.Dev. of distance equivalent noise in 0.1 m.

Measurement Head

Interchangeable objectiv for collimated or focused operation
Measurement direction axial (0°)
Environmental measurement module (optional) completely integrated
Dimensions 40 x 30 x 25 mm


User interface software (FDM-Control) status panel with signal quality indicator
prepared for customer specified evaluation e.g. vibration measurement

Control Unit

System inter­faces (configurable) Gate IN, Trigger OUT: TTL 5V, Ethernet, GPIO
Dimensions 165 x 140 x 255 mm
Ext. power supply 230 V (AC)


Ultra-precision metrology

  • Fast detection of distances with sub-nanometer resolution
  • Ideally suited as control measurement interferometer
  • Up to 3 measuring heads can be used simultaneously
  • Intuitive control software with rapid-start button
  • Unparalleled price-performance ratio

Highly accurate distance measurement

  • Measuring expansion, drift, wear and vibrations in and on ultra-precision machines and machine tools
  • Position detection for high-precision alignment of parts, components and linear stages

Monitoring distances or positions

  • Monitoring of traverse motion of ultra-precision stages
  • Monitoring of position markers
  • Measurements in difficult to access spaces, e.g. at or on linear stages (also traveling)

Integration in precision coor­dinate mea­suring machines, auto­matic testing set-ups or UP-machines

  • Compatibility and automation thanks to serial interfaces
  • Single or multi-point measurements
  • Inline measurements at production speed
  • Industry 4.0 applications

We’ll be happy to develop customized solutions for your specific measurement task.


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