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    Data analysis made easy

    DataViewer is the perfect software for a straightforward 2D-display and the easy processing of large data series. The software features a range of mathematical operations and filters for processing large quantities of raw data. DataViewer benefits from an intuitive operational system and many configuration options, making it a powerful tool for data analysis.

    The DataViewer is available in two versions – DataViewer Basic and DataViewer Pro. A package for calculating roughness values in compliance with the prevalent DIN EN ISO standards is available as an option.

    Softare package DataViewer Pro

    Softare package DataViewer Pro



    DataViewer Basic

    DataViewer Pro

    Quickly and simply import an unlimited number of viewable data sets (supported formats: .txt, .mat, binary data)

    Intelligibly displayed as a line or point diagram

    Display of minimum value, maximum value, average, PV-value, standard deviation, current value and difference to previous value (for every data series)

    Mathematical operations:

    Absolute values, normalization

    Addition and multiplication of constants, random values or data series

    Moving average (uniform or weighted) and moving standard deviation

    Regressions and corrections

    Low-, high- and bandpass-filter

    Fast Fourier Transformation (FFT) and FFT-filter

    Bad value- , median- and outlier-filter

    Print or export of data sets to new tab or file

    Favorites and macro options for frequently used operations

    Additional option: Roughness package for calculating roughness parameters according to DIN EN ISO 4287 (new 21290), 11562, 13565 and 16610

    System re­quire­ments

    • Microsoft® Win7, Win8, Win10
    • Recommended: min. 1 GB RAM, 2 GHz


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    • English


    • Regular service releases available for all packages free of charge
    Screenshot DataViewer Basic with graphic depiction of roughness values Screenshot DataViewer Pro with graphic depiction of roughness values

    DataViewer Basic

    DataViewer Pro / Roughness package