uSense – Environmental Module

Fast detection and monitoring of environmental and ambient parameters

With the stand-alone environmental module uSense from fionec, different environmental and ambient parameters such as pressure, temperature and humidity, but also rotation and acceleration, as well as magnetic field and IAQ (Index for Air Quality) can be easily measured and monitored. The module is therefore ideal for monitoring sensitive devices, machines and working environments, e.g. in the measuring room, laboratory or in production. Measured values can be collected flexibly at any desired location. Via LAN or optionally WLAN, fast browser-based access and intuitive operation of the module is possible via any internet-capable end devices such as PCs, mobile phones and tablets.

product brochure uSense

product brochure uSense

    Your benefits

  • Live measurement of environmental and ambient parameters

  • Stand-alone solution

  • Fast access and intuitive operation via LAN, optionally WLAN

  • Live display of measured values

  • Coloured display of critical ranges

  • Individual configuration of limits for all sensor values

  • Sensor warning of critical measured values by changing LED colour

  • Warnings are sent directly by e-mail

  • Easy storage of measured values

  • Import and analysis of data in e.g. Excel, Origin, Matlab

System characteristics

General parameters

ParameterMeasuring rangeResolutionOptional
Rotation*± 2000 °/s± 0.5 (initial)
± 0.005%/°C
Acceleration*± 16 g± 0.5 (initial)
± 0.005%/°C
Temperature**-20°C up to 120°C± 0.5°C

Pressure300 hPa up to 1250 hPa± 0.016 hPa

Humidity0% rH up to 100% rH± 3% rH

Magnetic fieldx, y-axis: ± 1300 µT;
z-axis: ± 2500 µT
0.3 µT

IAQ***0-500 1

*Or alternatively externally
**Is monitored via external sensors that can be connected via the GPIO port
***IAQ (Index for Air Quality) as well as CO² and b-VOC equivalent (breath – Volatile Organic Compounds in exhaled air)