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  • FDM – Probes

    Small in design, big on performance

    Flexibility and high transmission rates – fionec offers custom-made fiber-optic solutions for fast signal and data transmission. The main fields of application of our specially fabricated fiber optics are in the areas of metrology and testing, telecommunications and life sciences. We develop probes with body and beam profiles fine-tuned specifically to meet your application.


      • Bare fiber – pure fiber probe without jacket.
        Standard diameter: 80 or 125 µm. 50 µm probe can be custom-manufactured on request.

      • Protected bare fiber – reinforced fiber probe with protective sleeve made of metal.
        Standard diameter: 0.8 mm.

      • Enhanced working distance – fiber probe with custom-fabricated beam profile for greater working distance.
        Standard diameter: 1.3 mm.

      • Custom solutions – We can develop custom probe types with other parameters or tailor-made solutions specific to your application on request!

    Standard portfolio

    Bare fiber (BF)

    Protected bare fiber (PBF)

    Enhanced WD (EWD)

    Design pure fiber probe fiber probe with pro­tective metal sleeve fiber probe with en­hanced wor­king distance
    Standard dia­meter [d] 80 or 125 µm; 50 µm on request 0.8 mm 1.3 mm
    Free lenght (max. measurable depth) [l] 3 – 5 mm (80 µm); 3 – 7 mm (125 µm) 10 – 30 mm
    Wor­king distance [wd] 30 – 100 µm* 0.5 – 1 mm
    Reflec­ted beam angle [α] 0° (axial) or 90° to the probe axis 0° (axial), 45°- 90° to the probe axis 0° (axial), 60°- 90° to the probe axis
    Beam shape focusing / collimating / divergent
    Probe adapter [al , ad] 10 mm length, Ø 2.5 mm (tolerance h7)
    Connector types FC/APC (standard), LC/APC

    *depending on measuring system used






    Bare fiber (BF) 80µm

    Bare fiber (BF) 125µm

    Protected bare fiber (PBF)

    Enhanced WD (EWD)


    Test and Measurement Technology

    Miniaturized precision

    fionec’s miniaturized measuring probes are especially suitable for demanding applications in the micro and precision manufacturing sector. With diameters starting from just 50 µm, they allow for fast, contactless scanning of fine surface microstructures and the smallest of cavities. The fiber optic measurement sensors are used in our FDM Series distance measuring systems, among others.


    • Detecting surface roughness and waviness e.g.in micro-drilled holes, on precision optics, on small gears
    • Inspection of geometric and position tolerances (GD&T)
    • Highly accurate distance and position detection
    • Measurement of expansion, drift and vibrations
    • Measurement of freeform surfaces in scanning mode for 3D modelling

    Data and signal transmission

    Bundled innovation

    Industry 4.0, the gigabit society and modern research need one thing above all else: high-performance glass-fiber infrastructure for fast and reliable data communication. fionec develops innovative custom fiber optic solutions and prototypes for state-of-the-art applications in the telecommunications and life sciences sectors.


    • Prototype development
    • Custom solutions for input and output coupling of light beams
    • Fabrication of optical fibers, e.g. for special endoscopic applications
    • Custom splicing and patching solutions

    Custom-fabricated products

    From concept to manufacture

    We offer custom fiber optic solutions tailored to your specific application.